EC 292 – Concurrent Programming

Course lecturer

Dr. Mohamed Elkholy

Course assistant

  • Eng. Sahar Magdi
  • Eng. Salvia Elmasry

Course objectives

To enable students to:

i) Identify general parameters of concurrent programming languages and their tradeoffs.

ii) Show their impact on application programming.

iii) Show the design and implementation issues for concurrent programming languages.

iv) Examine the design of the implementation for a particular part of an existing language.

v) Define a concurrent programming language and the implementation of its key parts.

vi) Identify the examining trade-offs among existing implementations of an existing language.

vii) Apply a new feature to a language and its implementation and modifying an existing implementation of an existing language.

viii) Compare implementation goals such as performance, portability, effort, etc. as well as their trade-offs.

Course description

This course introduces Language design parameters, Models of parallel machines, Load balancing, Scalability, Portability, Efficiency measures, Design and implementation techniques for several classes of concurrent programming languages (such as object-oriented, functional, logic, and constraint programming languages).

Course assessment

Year Work 30% Mid Term 20% Final Exam 50%

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