EB145 – Descriptive Geometry

Dr. Abdel-Hameed Mohamad El-Lakany

Course lecturer :

Eng.Nagham Elshazly
Eng.Ann Ahmed

Course assistant :

To enable students to:
i) Gain a working knowledge of drawing tools.
ii) Gain a working knowledge of shade, Shadow and prespective.
iii) Sketching professionally using freehand drawings.
iv) Identify primary forms.

Course objectives :

The course is to teach the students the basics of architectural language using different methods and techniques as a way of architectural communication, introduce them to the orthographic projection, isometrics, and axonometric drawings of basic forms. The aim of the course is to teach the students a simplified definition of architecture and the development of students’ capabilities for visualization and presentation of architectural ideas by scientific methods. The course also introduces the principles of shade and shadow and systems and methods of perspective drawing.

Course description :

Class works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems, models 45% Mid Term Written Exam 15% Final Written Exam 40%

Course assessment :

[1] Ching, F. D. K., (1997), Design Drawing, John Wiley & Sons. Inc., New Jersey.
[2] Ching, F. D. K., (1996), A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, John Wiley & Sons. Inc., New Jersey.

Recommended text books :

– Doyle, M. E.; \”Color Drawing, 3rd ed.\”, John Wiley & Sons Inc., U.S.A., (2007).

Recommended refrences :