EB112/BE112 – Mechanics 2

Prof.Dr.Ahmed Abdel Mutal

Course lecturer :

Eng. Fayrouz Elrwaay
Eng. Mohamed Metwally
Eng. Ibrahim El Baghdady
Eng. Walaa Mahmoud

Course assistant :

The students should be able to: Define the basic concepts and quantities in dynamics and explain how they are related. Formulate the laws of motion and derive the connection between them. Identify and define typical manifold of more abstract mechanical quantities. Discuss central mechanical phenomena. Analyze given motions with suitable choice of coordinate systems, put down mathematical models for different types of particle motions and make calculations of this motion Plan, search for information. Perform, and report in written and oral form a group project related to the contents of the course.

Course objectives :

This is a basic subject on Engineering Dynamics. Emphasis is given to topics that will be useful in other disciplines, including Kinematics of Particles using different coordinate systems (Cartesian, Intrinsic) Kinetics of Particles (Force and acceleration- Energy and work- Impulse and momentum Principles). The course is perquisite for the courses of Mechanics (3) , Theory of machines , Machine Design, Robotics ,and Space mechanics

Course description :

1- Mid term Exam 25 Marks
2- a)Sections Quizzes 15 Marks
b)Sections Inter active learning 5 Marks.
3- Lecturer Quizzes & Inter active learning 5 Marks.
4- Final Exam 50 Marcs

Course assessment :

1. Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics, R.C.HIBBELER, 14 TH ED., Pearson Prentice Hall, 2016.
2. Vector Mechanics for Engineers (Dynamics), By Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston and William E. Claustn . (Mc GRAW. HILL).

Recommended text books :

Engineering Mechanics Dynamics – SI Version 3rd – Andrew Pytel, Jaan Kiusalaas , and Ishan Sharma,Cngage Learning,2010, ISBN-13: 978-0-495-29563-1 , ISBN-10: 0-495-29563-9

Recommended refrences :