EB/BE 131 – General chemistry

Dr.Noha Said Yousef

Course lecturer :

  • Eng Samah
  • Eng Fathy
  • Eng Aya
  • Eng Mohamed Hawary
  • Eng Dina
  • Eng Doaa
  • Eng Radwaa
  • Eng Karim

Course assistant :

The students be able to: Understand Gaseous state. Know Chemical Equilibrium. Describe Ionic Equilibrium. Explain Liquid State and Solutions. Understand Electrochemical chemistry and Corrosion. Understand Fuels and Combustion. Explain Water Treatment. Describe Cement and Building materials.

Course objectives :

Gaseous state. Chemical Equilibrium. Ionic Equilibrium. Liquid State and Solutions. Electrochemical. Corrosion. Fuels. Combustion. Water Treatment. Cement and Building materials.

Course description :

Class works including drop quizzes, solving assignment problems, Practical works and reports & presentations 20 Practical Exam 10 Mid Term Written Exam 20 Final Written Exam 50

Course assessment :

[1] William D. Callister, 2007; Material Science and Engineering, An introduction, John Wiley &sons. [2] 5. K. Duggal, 2008; Building Materials, New Age International (P) Ltd

Recommended text books :

[1] J. C. Witt,2003; Portland Cement Technology, 2nd Edition, Chemical Publishing Company. [2] F.L. Roberts , 1996;Hot Mix Asphalt Materials, Mixture Design and Construction, second Ed., National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT). [3] Incropera, 2011;Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer, John Wiley and Sons

Recommended refrences :