EA221 – Building Technology Level 3

Moshira Hassan Karmouse

Course lecturer :

T.A/ nadia samir
Eng/ abdelrahman ragheb
Eng/Mohammed shaban
Eng/Ehab ibrahim Ahmed

Course assistant :

The student should be able to understand the site investigation and the stages of architectural projects. Application of structure systems and circulation elements.

Course objectives :

Understand the basic principles of working drawings and its way of presentation.

Course description :

Mid-term Exam 15
Final Evaluation (Assignments / Project) 10
Final Submission Evaluation (Research / Presentation) 10
Studio Work (Assignments / Project) 10
Drop Quiz 5
Final Written Exam 20
Final Oral Exam 30

Course assessment :

Francis D.K. ching and Cassandra adams, \”Building Construction Illustrated \”, John wiley and sons Inc,New York, 2000.

Recommended text books :

– Deutsche Verlags Arstalt, \”Structure systems,4th ed Suttgart\”, Gmbh, 2007.
– Mckay, W.B., \”Building construction, volume one\”, the English language book society and Longman, 2004.
– Osamu,a.makite- Richard ,M.Linde ; \”The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings\” , John wiley and sons Ink,New York,Third Eddition, 2000.
– R.chudley ; \” Building Construction Hand Book \” , New wrnes,England,clays.Ltd,Stlves.PLS, 1991.
– Hedar,Farok; \” BuildingConstruction\”,Monshaat El-Maaref press, 1990s.
– Oweda,Mohamed , \”The New building technology\”, Dar El Rateb press, 1987.

Recommended refrences :