EA211 – Arch. Design1

Associate Prof. Ghada Ragheb
Dr. Heba Jahin
Dr. Mona Salem

Course lecturer :

Arch. Merna Nabil
Arch. Nourhan Waly
Arch. Sara Haitham
Arch. Aya Zedan

Course assistant :

The course aims to provide students with the specialist knowledge and skills necessary for the design-related individuals in the field of Architecture. With this overall aim, the course strives to enable students to:
– Understand and apply the technical principles and fundamentals that relate to architectural drafting and visual presentation.
– Understand the design process and principles (small housing unit or villa design project and Educational building).
– Demonstrate an ability to produce precise expressive illustration and interpretation of simple design ideas

Course objectives :

Students the to a viable understanding of the factors and issues that underlie the translation of human needs and purposes into specific architectural form and familiarizing students with images of architecture and designs selected from various cultural and historical backgrounds. Students are also introduced to specific topics which include basic elements, attributes and organizational principles of architectural form and their relationship to design objectives. Also, the students are introduced to simple design tasks of indoor and outdoor architectural spaces.

Course description :

Projects: Class evaluations / Open discussions/ Assignments (group research/ presentations) 20% Projects: Phase evaluations 15% Mid-term Exam 15% Final Written Exam 20% Final Oral Exam 30%

Course assessment :

1. Neufert, E. and P., Neufert, Architects’ Data, Wiley-Blackwell; 3rd edition, U.K , 2002.
2. Ching, F. D. K.; “A Visual Dictionary of Architecture”, John Wiley & Sons. Inc., New Jersey, 1996.

Recommended text books :

A broad range of books and references cover the principal topics and issues addressed in the course, as relevant to basic architectural design, drafting and rendering techniques.
1. Gill, Robert W. (1994) The Thames and Hudson Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink (revised and enlarged edition). London, Thames and Hudson Ltd. (720 G.T.) ISBN 0-500-68026-4
2. Ernst and Peter Neufert (2000), Neufert Architect\’s Data (third edition), Oxford, Blackwell Science. ISBN 0-632-057771-B
3. Doyle, M. E.; \”Color Drawing, 3rd ed.\”, John Wiley & Sons Inc., U.S.A., (2007).
4. Ching, F. D.; \”Drawing: A Creative Process\”, Van Norstad Reinolds, N.Y., USA, (1990),

Recommended refrences :