EA 222 – Building technology level 4

Dr.mohamed elfakharany

Course lecturer :

  • Arch. shaimaa
  • Arch.mohamed shaban
  • Arch. abdelrahman ragheb
  • Arch. rodaina

Course assistant :

Demonstrate theoretical knowledge and have practical skills and personal attributes and competencies that will be required for building construction position. Understand analytical, developmental, legal, managerial and technical principles that relate to building construction. Develop the academic abilities and personal characteristics required to solve problems relevant to building construction.

Course objectives :

Define the nature and operations of building construction. Identify the steps required to carry out a piece of research on a topic within building construction. Distingush familiarity with theories and concepts used in the building construction. Summarize a reasoned argument to the solution of familiar and unfamiliar problems relevant to building construction. Explain Plan, design and execute practical activities using techniques and procedures appropriate to building construction Select appropriate solutions for technical and structural problems of buildings and analyze their elements, details, materials and methods of execution. Select the suitable materials for construction. Evaluate the suitable construction systems. Apply appropriate techniques of analysis to select and use innovative structural models.

Course description :

  • Assessment form Grade %
  • Class evaluations (Studio work) 10
  • Phase evaluations (student presentations- assignments)/ Interactive Learning 10
  • Quizzes 5
  • Portfolio evaluation. 10
  • Mid Term Written Exam 15
  • Final Written Exam 20
  • Final oral Exam 30

Course assessment :

  1.  Ching, Francis D.K, and Cassandra Adams, Building Construction Illustrated, John Willey & Sons, Inc. NY. USA. 2001.
  2. Allen, Edward, Fundamentals of Building Construction: materials and methods, John Willey & Sons, Inc. NY. USA. 1990

Recommended text books :

  1. Ramsey, Sleeper, Architectural Graphic Standards, John Willey & Sons, Inc. NY.USA.
  2. J.B.Gauld, Bryan, Structures for Architects. Longman, 1995.
  3. Callenda, John Hancock, Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design Data,McGraw Hill International, NY. USA.

Recommended refrences :