CM313 – Advanced Topics of Materials

wegdan wagdy

Course lecturer :

Menna allah Trabyah

Course assistant :

To enable students to:
i) Distinguish between the microstructure of metals, ceramics, and polymers.
ii) Interpret the structure-property relationship in engineering materials.
iii) Identify the role of new materials on advances in technology, society, and civilization.
iv) Categorize the failure theories and failure mechanisms.
v) Characterize fatigue and the factors affecting it.

Course objectives :

The course gives an overview of fatigue and fracture, failure theories applied to concrete and steel structure components, composites classification and theories, polymers and their applications in civil engineering, new concepts in material design.

Course description :

Final Exam: 50%
Midterm Exam: 20%
Assignments (homework assignments, quizzes, reports, presentations and laboratory work): 30%

Course assessment :

“fundamentals of materials Science and Engineering\”, 3rd Edition, William D.Callister Jr.

Recommended text books :

“Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction”, W.D. Callister, Jr., Wiley. \”Deformation and fracture mechanics of engineering materials\”, 4th Edition, R.W. Hertzberg-John Wileg and sons.

Recommended refrences :