CM113/ES108 – strength of materials

Course lecturer :

DR. Mostafa Shawqy

Course assistant :

Eng /Esraa elsawy
Eng/mohamed khaled

Course objectives :

Engineering principles and applications of surveying sciences (with emphasis on plane surveying) are presented in relation to engineering. Popular techniques and engineering uses of distance, angles and height difference measurements are studied and practiced. Applications in detail mapping, earthwork computations, and setting out engineering structures are covered in this course. Integrated digital surveying and mapping using total station are introduced.

Course description :

Identify the different units and scales, Linear measurement, bearing system, levelling & traversing. Explain the errors in measurements, how to calculate areas, Volumes& the procedure of linear surveying. List the surveying types. Describe the methods of linear measurements. List the advanced and contemporary topics related to surveying inengineering applications. Solve surveying problems, Suggest solution & how to correct the measurement errors. Calculate the engineering surveying errors. Select the appropriate units,the appropriate scales according to the different applications, the appropriate procedure in linear surveying, the appropriate bearing system, the method of computation of areas &volumes. Relate the units & scales to linear measurements.

Course assessment :

Dropquizzes& Assignments. 12.5
Practical Works and Mini Projects 12.5
Lab Exam. 10
Mid Term
Written Exam 15
Final Written Exam 50

Recommended text books :

Barry Kavanagh, Surveying Principles and Applications, 8thEdition, Pearson Prentice Hall,2009.

Recommended refrences :

Barry F. Kavanagh & Dianne K. Slottery, Surveying with Construction Applications, 8th Edition, Pearson Education, 2015.