CE 313 – Computer Architecture

Prof. Dr. Magdy abd el azim

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Allaa Hussien ahmed
  • Eng. Rana M. Salem

Course assistant :

The main objective of this course is to provide computer students adequate • Knowledge and skills on multimedia instruction set design. • Superscalar design. • VLIW-based design. • Multiprocessors and thread-level parallelism. • Memory hierarchy design. • Assessing and understanding quantitative design approach.

Course objectives :

Quantitative design approach, computer design problem, technology trends, cost trends, measuring and reporting performance, quantitative principles. Multimedia instruction set design. Addressing modes, operands, operations, control-flow, encoding. Superscalar design: concepts, dynamic scheduling, dynamic hardware branch prediction, multiple-issue design, hardware speculation, recent micro architecture, thread-level parallelism. Memory hierarchy design: cache performance, techniques to reduce cache misses and cache penalties. Multiprocessors: symmetric shared memory architectures, distributed shared memory architectures, synchronization, memory consistency, multithreading.

Course description :

Year Work 30% Mid Term 20% Final Exam 50%

Course assessment :

• David A. Patterson and Hennessy .John L, \”Computer Architecture and Design, A Quantitative Approach\”, 4th edition, 2007, Elsevier, Morgan Kaufmann.

Recommended text books :

• M.Abdel Barr and H. El Rewini, \”Fundamentals of Computer organization and architecture\”, 1st edition, 2004, Wiley. • Dezso Sima . Terence Fountain. Peter Kacsuk, \” Advanced Computer Architectures\”, Addison Wesley ,1997.

Recommended refrences :