AE400-2 – Graduation Project part 2

Pakinam Mohamed Nabil Barakat

Course lecturer :

Arch. Omneya Ahmed

Arch. Lamis Hani

Arch. Nourhan Mohamed

Arch. Sarah Mohamed

Course assistant :

1- Explore and apply appropriate architectural design methodologies with rigorous analysis,. 2- Demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge that are required for architects. 3-Understand and apply conceptual, analytical, and technical principles. 4-Develop abilities and personal characteristics required to solve problems and reach for theoretically informed. 5-Carry out extensive research, critical analysis, and experimentation on topics relevant to the graduation project and specific topic addressed. 6-Demonstrate adequate ability to initiate, develop an architectural program and ultimately interpret it into workable design ideas and proposals. 7-Demonstrate a systematic understanding and responsiveness towards the multiplicity of contextual which relate to the field of design. 8-Respond to the increasing complexity of contemporary concepts, pluralist visions, as well as key issues

Course objectives :

In this course the student is to apply most of what was learn in the previous years of architectural studies, the graduation project should reflect deep studies of the effect of architecture on society, culture, and economy. The project also should be of great importance to Alexandria. The project should be an application to the latest trends, materials, and technologies. The integrated design studio concept is adopted through including the study and presentation of architectural and structural details into the graduation project

Course description :

Assessment form Grade % Class evaluations 15 Final evaluation 15 Mid-term exam 15 Interactive learning 15 Oral exam 40

Course assessment :

Chiara, J. and Callender, J.H., (2001). Time Saver Standards for Building Types, Mc Grow-Hill companies. • Chiara, J.and Callender, J.H.,(2001),Time-Saver Standards For Site Planning, McGraw Hill Companies

Recommended text books :

Numerous articles cover pertinent topics in most architectural periodicals, namely Architectural Review, Architectural Record, and L’ARCA. Web sites: RIBA & AIA

Recommended refrences :