AE312 – Architectural design application

Assoc. prof. Dr. Dina Nassar
Dr. Ingie Elcherif
Dr. Ingy Naguib

Course lecturer :

  • TA.Walaa Ghorab
  • TA. Heba Abdelwahab
  • Arch. Maram Ahmed
  • Arch. Salma Ali

Course assistant :

n this course the students should explore and make a research about the methods and techniques of historical heritage conservation and preservation, the student should be able to design new buildings in a historical area, and be able to protect the heritage with respect to the new trends and spirit of the age, learn how to work in groups in certain stage of the architectural design process, and then get separated in another stage. A group of 4 to 6 students should start developing an already existing site, and then each one of the team must start designing only one block from the suggested development. This course aims at teaching the student the respect of the existing urban fabric and methods of site planning and development. The student might explain his ideas using hand made models or computer generated 3D.

Course objectives :

The course aims to provide students with the specialist creative practice for architectural engineering carrier in the field of Architectural Design, Project Typologies, Problem Solving, Alternatives Analysis and Contemporary Approaches that address them.

Course description :

Class evaluations 15 grads – Phase evaluation 15 grads – Mid-term exam 15 grads – Oral exam 40 grads

Course assessment :

Neufert, E. and P., Neufert, 2002, Architects’ Data, Wiley-Blackwell 3rd edition, U.K. Chira, J. and Callender, J.H., 2001, Time Saver Standards for Building Types, Mc Graw-Hill.

Recommended text books :

Latham, D., 2000, Creative re-use of buildings, Volume One & Two, Donhead Publishing. Watson , D., 1997, Time Saver Standards for architectural design data\” The reference of architectural fundamentals -7th edition, McGraw hill, U.S.A.

Recommended refrences :