EA 311 – Architecture Design 3

  • Pof. Dr. Ibrahim Maarouf
  • Assoc.Prof. Riham Ragheb
  • Dr. Mona Naguib
  • Dr. Maha Adelwahab

Course lecturer :

  • Arch. Nadia Samir
  • Arch Nada Youssry

Course assistant :

To enable students to: Understand a simplified definition of architecture design to improve the student’s sense of relationship between the human scale and the architectural space, the module and the relationship between the different spaces of a building. by the end of this course, the student should be able to design a small public building with all the needed drawings. The suggested way of presentation techniques is pen and ink. The students can also use computer in their final presented projects.

Course objectives :

Students are encouraged to integrate their basic principles within the design projects. The course teaches students the importance of the hierarchal design process through programming, data collection, analysis, searching for innovative ideas, evaluation and development of the chosen idea. Studying relationships in this course is achieved through: Functional relationships between the building components Relation between the building masses and the given layout Circulation routes, their hierarchy and their relation to the building entrances, exits and the vertical circulation. Moreover, individual requirements of structure, technology, special character and symbolic interpretation in each project have to be fulfilled. All of these issues will be studied in the semester’s chosen projects.

Course description :

Weighing of Assessment: Class Evaluations (open discussion) 10 % Phases Evaluation 10% Projects Evaluation 15% (Including Interactive learning 7%- project 8%) Mid-term Exam 15 % Final Written Exam 20% Final Oral Exam 30%

Course assessment :

Chiara, J. and Callender, J.H., (2001). Time Saver Standards for Building Types, Mc Grow-Hill companies. Francis, D.K.Ching.(2003).Design Drawing .2nd edition, John Wiley & sons, In

Recommended text books :

Russ,T.H.,(2002), Site Planning and Design Handbook, McGraw.Hill,U.S.A. Watson , D (1997),\”Time Saver Standards for architectural design data\”. The reference of architectural fundamentals -7th edition .McGraw hill .U.S.A .

Recommended refrences :