GLG 11 – German Language

Omneya Fawaz

Course lecturer


Course assistant

The course enables the students to demonstrate competence in communicating verbally and in writing for the purposes and the situations covered and make use of language & vocabulary taught to interact in a range of everyday communication situations and formulate short descriptive texts in answer to a verbal or visual impulse

Course objectives

It is based on four learning competences which are speaking, writing, reading and listening . It follows the common European framework.

Course description

  • Midterm exam 8th week 20
  • Course work 11th week 20
  • Final exam 15th week 60

Course assessment

Delfin Niveaustufe B1 Hartmut Aufderstraße, Juta Mϋller, Thomas Storz, 2007 Max Hueber Verlag, Ismaning, Deutschland

Recommended text books

Tipps und Übungen, Hueber, Johannes Gerbes/ Frauke van der Werff Fit fürs Goethe Zertifikat 2012, Ismaning Deutschland

Recommended refrences