FR 403 – Civilisation occidentale moderne

Mlle. Alaa Abdellah

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Course assistant :

This course aims to assimilate the history and cultures of french civilizations, recognize the development of the Western Civilization and elicit the political background of the western societies through the study of historical events in the development of Western Civilization

Course objectives :

This course provides a background for the development of Western Civilization from the 19th century until now through historical events. It also explores the relationship between various factors that affect civilization and the specific features of Western civilization that have influenced the world throughout the centuries.

Course description :

mid-term 20 course work 20 final exam 60

Course assessment :

Petit Atlas Historique du XXes, Armand Colin ,2007International

Recommended text books :

Alfred Grosset , L’explication politique , Armand Colin ,1997

Recommended refrences :