ES 802 – Literary Translation (From / Into Arabic)

Mohamed Abdel Samie

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

This course aims at providing an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of Literary Translation (From / Into Arabic), enabling students to acquire a specialized knowledge and understanding of selected texts and learning various literary terms.

Course objectives :

– Recognize foreign language skills needed to understand written texts in literary field. – Identify the literary language from Spanish into Arabic and vice versa. – Distinguish literary terminology. – Identify the distinctive features of various genres of literary field.

Course description :

– Practical Exams: Knowledge and Understanding Skills – Intellectual Skills – Professional and Practical Skills – General Skills – Simulation and continuous assessment in class: Knowledge and Understanding Skills – Professional and Practical Skills – General Skills – Schedule: Mid-term Exam: Week 7 – Final Exam: week 15 – Continuous Assessment in class: Regularly every 2 weeks – Weighing of Assessment: Mid-term Exam (20) – Continuous Assessment in Class (Interactive learning and simulation) (20) – Final Exam (60)

Course assessment :

– Ana Ramos Calvo, Teoría y Práctica de la Traducción Literaria, Mirandum, 8, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg – Universidade de Sao Paulo. – Aly Tawfiq, El análisis gramatical en la traducción literaria del árabe al español, Philologia Hispalensis 14, fasc 2 (2000): 371-386.

Recommended text books :

Borrillo M., Verdegal Cerezo J., Hurtado Albir A. (1999): “La traducción literaria” en A. Hurtado Albir (dir.), Enseñar a traducir, Edelsa S. A, Madrid.

Recommended refrences :