Es 603 – Latin American Literature II

Dr. Nesreen Ahmed Abdel Hamid

Course lecturer :


Course assistant :

1. Reading different models representing the culture and literature of the modern era in the literature of Latin America.

2. Analyzes the content of the ideas and issues under study in proper language.

3. Balances between realism and natural.

4. Differentiates the multiple manifestations of modernity.

Course objectives :

This course aims to provide a study of pre-modern poetry, which includes the first experiences, the simple poetry and the most important representatives, and the identification of Spanish and American poets in Cuba, Mexico, Chile, and others, contemporary prose and its most important representatives. The magical realism and its most important representatives, realism and imagination and its main representatives. The Naturalism and its most important features, and its authors, and is associated with this development of European influences.

Course description :

Assessment Form Grades% c1. Mid-term exam 20 c2. Assignments and quizzes 20 c3. Final written exam 60

Course assessment :

José Manuel Cabrales, Guillermo Hernandez, Literatura española y latinoamericana 2, Madrid, SGEL, 2009.

Recommended text books :

Brynt, Shasta. A selective bibliography of bibliographies of Hispanic American litera- ture. Washington, Pan American Union, 1960.

Recommended refrences :