ES 601 – Culture II

Dr. Omnia Salem

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

This course aims to complement what has been studied in the section: Spain Culture I; where Spain is acquainted with the present in terms of customs, traditions, holidays and cultural influences as a result of its accession to the European Union and what distinguishes it from the rest of Europe.

Course objectives :

On completion of this course, students will be able to: – Learn about contemporary Spain to identify Spanish society from all walks of life: political, economic, social and environmental. – Learn about Spain\’s experiences in the fields of tourism, media, sports, etc. and the most important achievements of Spain in the scientific and environmental fields. And benefit from them. – To increase his cultural inventory of contemporary Spain in detail.

Course description :

20 Midterm exam 20 Classwork 60 Final exam

Course assessment :

Amalia Balea y Pilar Ramos, Viva la cultura en España, España(2007).

Recommended text books :

S. Quesada, España, siglo XXI. Ed. Edelsa, 2010.

Recommended refrences :