EN 805 – Elective World Literature

Ms/ Rehab Hassan

Course lecturer


Course assistant

Outline the definitive features of world literature Identify the cultural and historical background of a given text Discuss the political and social conditions that a given text foregrounds Recognize the basic elements of short stories, poems, novellas and novels Recall terms like postcolonial literature Synthesize different texts, authors and concepts into a personalized definition of world literature

Course objectives

The aim of this course is to introduce students to literature from around the world, either in translation, or written in English by authors from the former British Empire. It includes texts from different centuries and genres such as novels, short stories, and poems. Students will acquire a general as well as cultural background about each text and analyze it critically.

Course description

  • Mid-term exam 20 Year\’s marks 20
  • Final written exam 60

Course assessment

Puchner, Martin. The Norton Anthology of World Literature. Shorter third edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2013.

Recommended text books

Darmosch, David. What is World Literature?Princeton University Press, 2003.

Recommended refrences