TD 534 – Folk Art

Assoc. Prof. Nahla Ahmad Eldeeb.

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Sara Noman
  • Eng. Dina ElKallaf

Course assistant :

  • Documenting the identity of cultural peoples.
  • Achieving cultural communication and communication.
  • enrich human concepts and values.
  • Preserving the nature of the social fabric.
  • Tourism promotion (folklore tourism) through exhibitions, markets, festivals and museums.

Course objectives :

The popular arts in different fields reflect the heritage and culture of peoples. Through this course, students study the importance of popular arts and as an important source of inspiration for the artistic subjects of the vocabulary, vocabulary and artistic elements of the other hand.

Course description :

Inter active learning 10 Practical project (codes and units of folk art) 15 Research paper on the analysis of works of artists interested in folk art in Egypt 5 Midterm Exam (Theoretical Exam) 10 Final Exam (Theoretical Exam) 60 Total 100

Course assessment :

-Yousef Ghorab, Najwa Hussein (2003): Aesthetics of Folk Decorations – A Vision for the Development of Tasting and Culture of Sense, Arab Thought House, Cairo. -Kamal Al-Malakh, Subhi Al-Sharouni (1984): The Brothers Saif Wadham Wanli, Egyptian General Book Authority, Cairo. – Eman Mehran (2015): The arts of popular formation and Arab society (Future Vision for Development), Egyptian General Book Authority, Cairo. – The Egyptian Society for the Popular Revolutions (2015): The Popular Arts Journal of Law, No. 100, January, Cairo.

Recommended text books :

– Reda Shehatta Abul-Magd: 1984, study of some Nubian folk crafts and use them in the field of synthesis of raw materials in works of art, Master Thesis, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University. – Ibrahim Abdel-Hamid Awad: 1989, the engineering structures of the triangle and the use of them in teaching decorative painting in art education, Master, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University. – Najia Abdel Razek Osman: 1987, the technical features of Nubian pottery and its use in the work of contemporary pottery, MA, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University. -Gihan Mustafa Maher Afifi: 2001, plastic trends in various techniques in the field of dyeing and hand printing, Master Thesis, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University. -Dina Zarif Abdel-Raouf Mohamed: 2003, Adaptation of fingerprint templates to achieve artistic values, Master Thesis, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University

Recommended refrences :