P222 – Artistic design (2)

  • Prof. / Eman Ahmed Ramzy

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Mai Zein

Course assistant :

The course aimed to define the concept of the design and study of correlation between aesthetic foundations, unity, rhythm, aesthetic values of design and identify the primary structural elements of two dimension design and its aesthetic, application in the scope of visual perception of painting.

Course objectives :

  • Know the aesthetic relations of the design.
  • Perceiving the fundamentals and rules of the design (balance-harmony-rhythm-sovereignty-unit –ratio-diversity).
  • Identify the types of lines and shapes.
  • Connect the primary structural elements of the design and the variable construction of the two dimension design variables.
  • Choose the harmonious elements for building the design.
  • Discover the nature and character of each material.

Course description :

Final evaluation: (50) Projects and Sketches: (35) Interactive learning: (15) Total = 100

Course assessment :

It is a practical course

Recommended text books :

  • Arsén Pohribny, Abstract Painting, Phaidon, Oxford.
  • Palette,Laurence King Publishing, 2008.
  • Ferdinand Petrie, Color In Oil A step By Step, Wendson Blake Painting, New York.
  • Anderson Feisner, Colour How to use colour in art and design, Laurence King Publishing, 2006.
  • The spiritural in Art, Abstract Painting.

Recommended refrences :