P 212 - Drawing 2

  • Dr.Nermin Mahmoud Mohamed Gomaah

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

To develop the student\’s ability to solve the problems of drawing and the actual perception of the rules of shade and light by studying the engineering sizes and elements of silent nature and the ability to express values to express the color and symbolic values of materials and elements in ways that fit the subject and develop the creative thinking and innovation of the student

Course objectives :

1- Recognize the nature of the different elements. 2-Understand how the models put the items into space. 3-Understand the composition of the figure. 4-It identifies the different sizes and contact with the elements. 5-Shadow and light values well aware of the sense of depth and the third dimension through the embodiment of the elements. 6-It recognizes the art of painting through different historical eras. 7-Expresses his vision through research carried out.

Course description :

-Final evaluation : (75) -Interactive Learning :(25) Total = 100

Course assessment :

Books from inside the college library: 1-Marc Valli and Ana lbarra – Walk The Line (The Art Of Drawing ) – London – 2013 2-Finlay Cowan- Drawing&Painting Fantasy Figures-USA Publish-2014 3-Steven Pearce –Drawing Still Lifes -J .Razo – 2013 4-Walter Foster Team , 101 Textures in Oil & Acrylic , 2013 5-Narim Bender, Rembrandt van Rijn, BookRix GmbH & Co. KG (December 6, 2013).

Recommended text books :