MA 253 – Digital Illustration

Reem Lotfy SAAD

Course lecturer :

Eng. Dina Tag

Course assistant :

• Enable the student to understand the general rules and principles of computer programs specialized in vector graphics, with a focus on understanding and studying the tools of the programs and key terms important when discussing or presenting business, with emphasis on practical application

Course objectives :

• Introduction to vector graphics with the study of visual planning of text, computer programs, terminology and digital fee techniques through the work of integrated design projects in the fields of printing and the Web, when the completion of the study of the student must be able to work digital fees professionally using software programs with learning How to set the correct settings for printing documents.

Course description :

– Final evaluation: (50) – Interactive learning: (10) – Projects and Sketches:(40) Total = 100

Course assessment :

The-Principles-of-design.pdf The-Main-7-Elements-of-Design.pdf photoshop-cs4-troubleshooting.pdf Susan_Ruddick_Bloom]_Digital_Painting_in_Photoshop.pdf manuel/photoshop_cs3_help.pdf

Recommended text books :