ID524 – landscape architecture

Dr/ Rania Raouf Sedky

Course lecturer :

Eng / Aya Boghdady

Course assistant :

Benefiting from the principles of human behavior, cognitive psychology and other human sciences with practical applications in behavioral studies in the built environment, in order to design and form the mental image of the place to achieve privacy and social interaction.

Course objectives :

With a greater understanding of the urban environment and the relationship between humans to survive, the role of site coordination in the internal architecture was by the protection of public health, the culture of the past to rest, introduced to protect the environment, prevent pollution, high development maintain environmental balance. At the same time also can take full advantage of the development of landscapes and open various forms of scenic areas, improve the quality of people\’s lives

Course description :

Working turm = 40
Final Exam = 60
Total = 100

Course assessment :

Interior Plantscaping: Principles and Practices By James M. DelPrince + Landscaping Principles and Practices By Jack Ingels‏

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