ID431 – Interior architecture theories

Dr / Rania Raouf Sedky

Course lecturer :

Eng / louaa habashy
Eng / Soha Samy
Eng / Doaa Serag

Course assistant :

The course aims at understanding the nature of the theories of internal architecture and its role as a necessary input for the analysis of spatial and spatial functions and movement studies through the analysis and understanding of the components of internal vacuum and the nature of integration of these functions within the design system, as well as the analysis of the standards that affect interior design processes. The course also deals with analytical studies of selected models of internal architecture to show the nature of the effect of these organizations on the structural and aesthetic treatments to reach a rational and applied concept to determine the entrances to achieve aesthetic aspects in interior design.

Course objectives :

To achieve the scientific studies necessary for the effectiveness of the interior design of hotels and administrative offices; to analyze their components and their relationship to each other, and the ways to achieve them is the core of the rules that govern the theories of hotel interior architecture as well as administrative offices.

Course description :

working turm = 20
final exam = 80
total = 100

Course assessment :

Hotel Design, Planning and Development By Richard H. Penner, Lawrence Adams, Walter Rutes + Hotel Lobbies and Lounges: The Architecture of Professional Hospitality edited by Tom Avermaete, Anne Massey

Recommended text books :

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