ID 422 – Interior Architecture Design

Dr.Dalia Younes

Course lecturer :

T.A : Hadil Hisham
Rana Hisham
Mohamed Ossama
Aya Fathy
Layla Kamal
Eng : Afnan Mabrouk

Course assistant :

Students will be able to solve a complexity office design project with specific design requirements. The students will be introduced to office design theories, spaces , applying them to specific design situations to experience and develop an understanding of the designer\’s role in creating office and public interior spaces. Consideration will be given to populations inside the space. Student will be able to fully represent his ideas through: – floor plan design – section design – perspectives Including : Office, Workstation area , Office clusters , waiting area, Meeting Room, Manager room , …etc

Course objectives :

This course emphasizes the office building design theory and the factors that affect the function, efficiency and aesthetics of the office environment. The unique requirements of administrative and public spaces and the difference between opened and closed office design .Also this course focuses on multi-function building which includes office area . Design will be explored and the factors affecting the design Focusing on Interior design concept , zoning , determination of materials, lighting, ….etc . Studio-based course culminating with an individual project and developing students full awareness of office and public design. Interior design practices, methods and techniques relevant to their discipline. Emphasis is placed on creativity and originality of ideas.

Course description :

Total course grade : 100 – divided into : – Interactive learning : 5 – Research Project : 10 – Project’s evaluation during semester : 35 – Final evaluation : 50

Course assessment :

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