GD 442 – History of Graphic Communication (2)

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hussein Abdel Gawad

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

  • Student studying the role of the image in the Graphic design process.
  • Students studying the letters and their role to connect communication message.
  • The student understands the important relationship between image and Typography in the poster.
  • Students study the relationship between communication and the development of the printing proses.

Course objectives :

A historical study of graphic design worldwide and famous designers – The history of graphic design during the industrial revolution and the impact of technical schools on designing an advertisement, and the end of the twentieth century and what has been developed from technical schools, graphic techniques , tools and modern graphic methods till now.

Course description :

Mid-term Exam: 10 Degrees Interactive Learning: 10 Degrees Participation: 20 Degrees Final Exam: 60 Degrees

Course assessment :

Gallo, Max: The Poster in History, the Hamlyn Publishing group Limited House, Felltham, Middlesex, England, 2012 – Freeman, Michael: Digital Photography Special effects, Thames Hudson, London. 2002 – Faruque , Omer : Graphic communication as a design tool , Van Nostrand Reinhold Company Inc , New York , 1994

Recommended text books :

– Brockmann , J. Muller : The graphic designer and his design problems , Niggli , Hastings House , New York , 2010

Recommended refrences :