G 322 – Graphic Design (2)

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hussein Abdel Gawad

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Soha Reda
  • . Salma

Course assistant :

  • Students studying factors and conditions required for the success of the indicative design to help Way finding.
  • The student learns the link between the mark guide way and the environment around process.
  • Students studying emphasis on the visual identity targeted Foundation.
  • The student recognizes the appropriate materials to implement the guidance signs.

Course objectives :

Extension design management through the development of an integrated plan a design for one of the companies or bodies or institutions from abroad include direct recipient of the place, taking into account relevant guidance design and high carrier announced it and its relationship to the size of the recipient.

Course description :

Projects: 30 Degree Quiz: 5 Degree Interactive Learning: 15 Degree Participation: 10 Degree Final Exam: 40 Degree

Course assessment :

-Karle Mirth: Computer Graphic, Rockport Published, a member of Quayside publishing Group. USA, 2012 – Andrew Blauvelt and Kennsth FitzGerald: Design Culture. Published by Blurb San Francisco, California. USA 2011

Recommended text books :

– Brockmann , J. Muller : The graphic designer and his design problems , Niggli , Hastings House , New York , 2010


Recommended refrences :