G 212 – Principles of Graphic Design 2

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hussein Abdel Gawad

Course lecturer :

  • Eng. Soha Reda

Course assistant :

  • Student learns the basic elements of design.
  • Student learns the kinds and forms of graphic design.
  • Student studies the relationship between the form and content in Graphic Design.
  • Students learn how to animate in the Graphic Design.
  • How you can use the advantage of graphic design in the field of mass communication.

Course objectives :

Focusing on the three dimensions designs and identifying its visual elements and its relation with the service or the product, to fit the environment through graphic design projects.

Course description :

Projects: 30 Degree Quiz: 5 Degree Interactive Learning: 15 Degree Participation: 10 Degree Final Exam: 40 Degree

Course assessment :

– Faruque , Omer : Graphic communication as a design tool , Van Nostrand Reinhold Compny Inc , New York , 1994

Recommended text books :

– Garvin Ambrose and Paul Harris: The Fundamentals of Creative Design, ava Academia, USA, 2010 – Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel: Logo Lounge 2, Rockport Publishers, USA. 2005

Recommended refrences :