FD422 – Design and Making Special needs clothes

Prof. Dr. Nahla Ahmed El-Deeb

Course lecturer :

Engineer: Marwa Mahmoud Abd Elhamid Issa

Course assistant :

– Understand the raw material, fabric type and accessories needed to design special needs’ clothes.
– Highlight the common types of ability lack and the design requirements for each.
– Identify the design specifications in order to achieve the comfort for adaptive clothes.
– Develop various sewing skills which significantly affect on the special needs’ clothes.
– Highlight the differences among various disabilities and its influence on the pattern making process

Course objectives :

This course aims to study the certain requirements of garments with special needs and the design comfort according to the common type of ability lack and the used approaches in design and making special needs’ clothes.

Course description :

Inter active learning 10 Midterm Exam 10 Students’ Presentation & assignment 20 Final Evaluation 60 Total 100

Course assessment :

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