FD 213 – Costume Illustrations

Sherihan Megahed

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

– Emphasis on the essential role of fashion illustration as a mean of visual communication. – Drawing Women fashion figure details including (Portrait, hands and feet). – Develop an ability to exaggerate the body proportions without losing structure. – Drawing Men fashion figure. – Discover Fashion silhouettes, cuts and styles of different Men garments. – Exploring Fashion Rendering techniques with markers. – Exploring Different skin tones rendering. – Exploring Different Fabric rendering (Jeans , chiffon , Stain …….etc.) – Exploring Different techniques of Technical Fashion drawing. – Develop student visual Fashion vocabulary. – Develop Student personal fashion drawing style

Course objectives :

course is designed for student to find visual language and unlock their creativity through drawing, from concept to completion. And give them the opportunity to learn how to draw Female figure Features and details and male figure with clothes in order to present their fashion design ideas in the most effective way. The course covers principles of drawing Women Figure Features and Male Fashion figures, the difference between Female and male figure Proportion , sketching Male garments and explores the use of various coloring techniques specially Markers. By the end of the course, they\’ll know the ins and outs of fashion drawing throughout the design process. And be able to communicate fashion design ideas more freely and effectively, and have a collection of work for their portfolio.

Course description :

Interactive learning 10 Sketching Quality 10 Coloring and Shading Quality 10 Technical Drawing and its Terms 10 Final Evaluation 60 Total 100

Course assessment :

 Burke, S, 2003, Fashion drawing techniques: basic drawing techniques to portfolio presentation, Burke Publishing, Norwich, UK  Burke, S, 2006, Fashion artist: drawing techniques to portfolio presentation, Burke Publishing, Norwich, UK  Centner, M & Vereker, F, 2011, Fashion designer\’s Handbook for Adobe Illustrator, John Wiley & Sons Inc.  Davies, H, 2010, Fashion Designers Sketchbooks, Laurence King Publishers, UK  Donovan, B, 2012, Advanced fashion Drawing: Lifestyle Illustration, Laurence King Publishers, UK  Hopkins, J, 2009, Basics Fashion Design 05, Fashion Drawing Basics, AVA – -Publishing SA  Kiper, A, 2011, Fashion Illustration: Inspiration and Technique, David and Charles  Suhner, A, 2012, Technical Drawing for Fashion Design, Pepin Press  Szkutnicka, B, 2010, Flats: Technical Drawing for Fashion, Laurence King Publishers, UK

Recommended text books :

• http://www.designersnexus.com/fashion-design-portfolio/digital-fashion-flat-sketches/ • http://www.fashionillustrationgallery.com/ • http://www.illustrationweb.com/styles/fashion • http://fashillustration.blogspot.com.eg/ • http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/f/fashion-drawing-in-the-20th-century/ • http://www.fashion-era.com/

Recommended refrences :