F 117 – Research Skills of Art

Assoc. Prof. Nahla Ahmad Eldeeb.

Course lecturer :

Eng Esraa El Abad

Course assistant :

  1. Conclusion concept of scientific research and determine its significance.
  2. Determine the steps of scientific research.
  3. Distinguish between the different approaches to scientific research.
  4. Identify the key elements of the plan of scientific research.
  5. Acquire research skills.
  6. Mastering deal with the sources of knowledge.
  7. Mastering the skill of writing references and documentation.
  8. Employ gained in this decision in writing research plan in a scientific way.

Course objectives :

The concept of scientific research and the identification of good research specifications of understanding and prediction and control and the concept of scientific research system has inputs, processes, outputs and there feedback which is investigating the harmonization between the outputs of scientific research and the needs of the community in light of the work and artistic design as well as the presentation of the most important scientific research of the descriptive approach, historical and experimental identification methods research tools and formulation of the problem and the assumptions and goals and the importance with training on how to work search and it includes quotes from the print and electronic references and the role and importance of the work appendix margins and contents of the research is divided into sections and chapters.

Course description :

Inter active learning 10 Quiz(1) 6th week 5 Quiz(2)13th week 5 Write an idea for scientific research 5 Midterm Exam 15 Final Written Exam 60 Total 100

Course assessment :

  1. Mahmoud Abdel Halim El mansy (2000): Research Methodology in educational and psychological fields, Dar university knowledge, Alexandria.
  2. Fawzi Grabiah &others (1977): Methods of Scientific Research in Social and Human Sciences, Dar University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.
  3. Hussein Mohamed Hassanein (1996): methods and tools for collecting information and data in the local community, Dar Majdalawi for publication and distribution, Amman, Jordan.
  4. Khair eldin Ali Awais (1997): A Guide to Research, Dar Al Arab Thought, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.
  5. Deopold Van Dalen (1977): Search in education and psychology curriculum, translated by Syed Ahmed and others, the Anglo-Egyptian Library, Cairo.
  6. Fouad Elbahie Elsayed (1979): The Science and Psychology of statistical measurement of the human mind, Dar Al Arab Thought, Cairo.

Recommended text books :

7- Fouad Abdel Latif and Amall SadiK (1991): Find and methods of statistical analysis in psychological science, social and educational curricula, the Anglo-Egyptian Library, Cairo. 8- Ahmed Badr (1977): Origins of scientific research and curriculum, Knowledge House, Cairo. 9- Jaber Abdel-Hamid and Ahmed Khairy Kazim (1989): Search in education and psychology curriculum, Arab Renaissance Publishing House, Cairo. 10- Abraham Wajeh and Mahmoud Abdel-Halim El mansy (1983): Psychological and Educational Research, Knowledge House, Cairo. 11- Fatth ElBab Abdul Halim (1997): Search in Art and Art Education, 2nd print, the world of books, Cairo.

Recommended refrences :