DP 582 – Graduation Project

  • Dr : Nermin Mahmoud Mohamed Gomaah
  • Dr: Omnia Abd Elrahman

Course lecturer

Eng : Gilan Hussein

Course assistant

Includes the preparation and implementation of paintings of dimensions and areas decided by the Council of the Department highlights the student through what I gained from the experiences
Theory and process and the Effects of the treatments and effects in the field of oil painting and digital painting.

Course objectives

1 – The student learns about his technical abilities through his previous studies in the field of painting with his own work, his philosophy, his theories, and types of structural formations and ways of dealing with problems.
2 – Achieve the ability to implement ideas for students of artistic value, aesthetic and unique.
3- Implementation of practical applications based on the use of raw materials and the use of different types of plastic vocabulary in the construction of graphic technical configurations.
4- Developing the student’s ability to work in a series of preparatory studies in painting and knowledge of the properties of raw materials and tools used in the technical work environment before implementation.
5 – guiding the student’s thought of the methods and trends traditional and modern used in the construction and composition of the work of art.- Visits to local plastic exhibitions.

Course description

-Final evaluation : (75)
-Interactive Learning :(25)
Total = 100

Course assessment

1-Walter Foster -Mastering Oil Painting-USA Publish-2014
2- Walter Foster-The Art of Basic Oil Painting -USA Publish-2012
Books from outside the faculty library:
3-Steven Pearce –Drawing Still Lifes -J .Razo – 2013
4-Walter Foster Team , 101 Textures in Oil & Acrylic , 2013
5-Narim Bender, Rembrandt van Rijn, Book Rix GmbH & Co. KG (December 6, 2013).
6-Anthony Toney, 150 Masterpieces of Drawing, Dover Publications (June 3, 2013).

Recommended text books