D 365 – Working Details

Prof . Ahmed Fouad

Course lecturer :

  • T.A : Rana Hisham
  • Mohamed Ossama
  • Aya Fathi
  • Eng : Aya Baghdady

Course assistant :

• Students will learn how to design, plan, and construct a product using wood as a primary material. • Students will develop time management and self-motivational skills during the development of their products

Course objectives :

• Students will learn how to design, plan, and construct a wood project. Example projects include: tables, chairs, cabinets, and more • First, students will learn the principles of wood working details by learning types of wood joints.Second, during this course three projects will be the way to learn students main wood joints such as mortise and Tenon (the three projects: Wood stool seat – Drawer – Desk with side table). each project will depend on learning one or two of joints which every student has to draw plan,elevation, side view, sections and perspective to explain joints. • Course will help students to understand andexplain the way of using wood joint to design any piece of furniture

Course description :

• The course grade is 100 divided into: Projects ,Quiz , researches and assignments:35 Interactive learning: 15 Final jury: 50

Course assessment :


Recommended text books :