FD 311 – Costume Accessories 1

Sherihan Megahed

Course lecturer :


Course assistant :

– Emphasis on the essential role of costumes Accessories as a mean of visual communication. – Discover different Kinds of costumes Accessories. – Gain knowledge in the world of accessories in a unique creative method. – Sketching techniques for Women Costumes Accessories (Shoes, Bags & jewelry). – Sketching techniques for Men Costumes Accessories (Shoes, Bags & jewelry). – Exploring Accessories Rendering techniques with markers. – Exploring Different techniques of accessories Technical drawing. – Emphasizes the development of individuals style and examines source of inspirations – Designing Accessories collection using one theme and inspiration. – Exploring the professional presentation Techniques.

Course objectives :

Costumes Accessories (1) Covers concepts and kinds of costumes Accessories, and is designed for student to find visual language and unlock their creativity through drawing, from concept to completion. Also it gives them the opportunity to learn how to draw and Design different kinds of Accessories (design handbags, shoes and Jewelry) as well as keeping the practical use of the item. This unit combines theoretical subjects with practical workshops and includes a final project to design complete collection of accessories, with its associated production and marketing viability study.

Course description :

The course grade is (100) divided into: Interactive learning 10 Sketching Quality 10 Coloring and Shading Quality 10 Technical Drawing and its Terms 10 Final Evaluation 60 Total 100

Course assessment :


Recommended text books :

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