BT 746 – Consumer Behavior

Dr. Sally Raouf

Course lecturer


Course assistant

a-1 Demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of consumer behavior

a-2 Recognize the internal influences on consumer decision making process

a-3 Illustrate the external influences on consumer behavior .

a-4 Identify marketers’ social responsibility and ethics in dealing with consumers.


b-1. Discover the decision making process of end users

b-2. Integrate marketing knowledge to solve practical cases.

b-3. Differentiate between consumer personalities and assess how personalities impact marketing decision making


c-1. Analyze the behavior of Egyptian consumers.

c-2. Utilize information from scientific articles and prepare reflective writing reports to introduce recent consumer behavior trends.

c-3. Make use of the principles of perceptions, motivation, learning, attitudes and personalities in making marketing choices regarding selecting target markets, positioning and branding decisions


d.1. Gather, extract and summarize information from different sources to accomplish required assignments.

d.2. Practice the use of the internet to extract evidence –based information

d.3. Practice reflective writing to reflect relevant literature.

d.4. Communicate with others, to transfer knowledge and information and implement presentation skills.

d.5. Practice team work through group discussions, think-pair and share activities

d.6. Work within certain time limits

Course objectives

This course introduces the student to the influence that consumer behavior has on marketing activities. Students will apply theoretical concepts to marketing strategies and decision making. Topics include consumer and marketing segments, environmental influences, individual determinants, decision processes, information research and evaluation.

Course description

  • Written exams(midterm and final)= 80 marks
  • three mini-projects (each five marks)=15 marks
  • Participation= 5 marks

Course assessment

Solomon, M., White, K. and Dahl, D.R. (2016). Consumer Behaviour: Buying, Having, and Being. 11th ed. Pearson.

– Assigned topics -Schiffman, L., Wisenblit, J. (2015). Consumer Behavior. 11th ed. Pearson

Recommended text books

– Stephens, D. (2017) Essentials of Consumer Behavior, Routledge -Priest , J.; Carter, S. and Statt, D. (2013). Consumer Behavior, Edingrgh Business School.

Recommended refrences