BT 423 – Operation management

Ms/Jailan Abd el-Aziz.

Course lecturer :

  • Omneya Hisham

Course assistant :

This course introduces students to the operations management. The aim of this course is to build and strengthen students\’ knowledge about operations management & its functions: Forecasting, Product and service design, Strategic capacity Planning for products and Services, Process Selection and Facility Layout, Location Planning and Analysis in addition to operations management application such as: decision tree, transportation model…

Course objectives :

a1. Describe operations management a2. Identify the operations tools to create a value added action a3. Recognize the different operations in an organization a4. Identify the operations strategy b1. Discover the product life cycle for a product in the high technology industry b2. Show the relationship between supply chain management, logistics and purchasing b3. Explain the scope of supply chain management c1. Identify the value added of operations management c2. Test why some organizations fail c3. Defend the taken decision d1.Organize the research skills d2. Develop the team working skills d3. Develop the leadership skills d4. Develop the communications skill

Course description :

1-assigments 2-quiz 3-presentation

Course assessment :

Operations Management, 12th edition, Stevenson, McGraw Hill, 2012

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