BM 638 - Marketing Research

  • Prof.Dr.Tarek Taha

Course lecturer :

  • Mrs. Riham Younis

Course assistant :

On successful completion of this course, students should be able to

  • Demonstrate the nature and scope of marketing research
  • Understand basic concepts and methods of marketing research
  • Understand the nature of primary and secondary data
  • Assess the quality of various types of secondary data including scanner data and utilize them effectively
  • Analyze the role of marketing research in implementing successful marketing programs
  • Distinguish between the different marketing researches
  • Translate a marketing problem into a feasible research question.
  • Design a framework for conducting marketing research
  • Compare and contrast the research designs
  • Perform effectively the steps of the marketing research process
  • Evaluate secondary data using specifications and dependability criteria
  • Understand the concept of measurement and measurement scale
  • Assess/critique the validity of measurement (construct validity, reliability)
  • Apply the measurement tools to measure attitude by utilizing various measurement scale (semantic differential scale, Likert scale,)
  • Create questionnaire to collect information
  • Conduct data analysis and analytical models
  • Discuss the consideration involved in conducting qualitative research
  • Identify the criteria for evaluating survey and observation methods
  • Design the scales of measurement in an international setting
  • Interpret marketing research data to make professional business decisions.
  • Design a marketing study using a professional market research design.
  • Formulate useful implications and solutions from the research.
  • Formulate research hypotheses
  • Explain how the decision to conduct marketing research is made
  • Demonstrate applications of collected data in computer mapping
  • Discuss managerial aspects of coordinating research projects
  • Trace careers available in marketing research and skills needed
  • Develop a structural thinking ability to translate management problems into tangible research questions
  • Increase critical thinking ability to assess the quality of marketing information and sensitivity to the biases and the limitations of marketing data

Course objectives :

This course is designed to provide a basic foundation and an overview of marketing research and its use in making more effective marketing decisions. With these foundational skills, students can develop the marketing knowledge needed to make effective strategic decisions across all of the marketing disciplines. Both primary and secondary research and information resourcing along with the application of basic math concepts used in marketing situations will be explored. The Course also provide a basis from which student may pursue additional study in order to become a research specialist. Emphasis is given to the development of a strong theoretical base in the systematic selection, collection, and interpretation of marketing information leading to sound policies and strategies. Specifically, the course examines the marketing research process; steps of research design, questionnaire construction, sampling, data analysis, evaluation/presentation of findings, online research, and web survey

Course description :

  • Written Final exam 60%
  • Written Midterm exam 20%
  • Continuous assessment, community research project, and Active learning 20%

Course assessment :

Naresh, M. Essentials of Marketing Research: A Hands-On Orientation, Global Edition, Pearson Education Limited, Last Edition

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