BA 209 – Quantitative Methods II

Dr. Mostafa  Shalash (Ph.D)

Course lecturer :

Ms. Irene Ballian

Course assistant :

The fundamental objectives of this course are to make students understand the basic statistical concepts and techniques and how they can be applied in the field of business and economics as modern managers. The aim of the course is to build student’s back ground and to give them the statistical skills necessary to meet the needs of business and the real-world decision making problems

Course objectives :

This course will introduce the basic concepts and methods of statistics, as applied to business and computing. It introduces the use of statistical methods and tools in evaluating research data for business applications. Emphasis is placed on basic probability, measures of spread and dispersion, central tendency, and sampling

Course description :

(2 Quizzes)                                                                                     10 Marks

Interactive Learning (Problem Solving)                                     10 Marks

Mid-term Exam                                                                              20 Marks

Final Exam                                                                                      60  Marks

Total                                                                                               100 Marks

Course assessment :

Lind, Marchal, and Wathen, “Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics”, Mcgraw-Hill, 14th Ed., 2010

Recommended text books :