TM 354 – Tourism Impact and Sustainability

  • Prof. Amany Refaat
  • Dr. Dalia Hassan

Course lecturer :

  • Mr.amr elmaghraby

Course assistant :

This course aims to provide students with the meaning and application of sustainable tourism concept. Students will be able to understand the current and future economic, sociocultural and environmental tourism impacts.

Course objectives :

This course allows students to identify the new trends related to sustainable tourism and determine the role of public and private sectors to make effective decisions to achieve sustainability. This course also provides students with the ability to evaluate tourism strategies of sustainable tourism development. Students will learn how sustainable tourism benefits communities and enriches culture in developing countries.

Course description :

  • Interactive learning 30 marks (Quizzes , professional skills assessment, Presentation, Assignment, Group discussion, Brain storming and case studies).
  • Mid-term Exam 20 marks
  • Final exam 50 marks

Course assessment :

  • Various scientific papers from relevant journals.
  • Reports and Statistics: World Tourism Organization.

Recommended text books :

  1. Peter Mason,(2016),” Tourism Impacts, Planning and Management”, 3rd edition, Elsevier Ltd.
  2. Sharpley, R., Telfer, D.,(2015),” Tourism and Development in Developing World”, 2nd edition, Routledge.
  3. Martin Mowforth, Ian Munt,(2015),” Tourism and Sustainability: Development”, Globalisation and New Tourism in the Third World, 4th edition, Routledge.

Recommended refrences :