THM 321 – Feasibility Study for Tourism and Hospitality

Mrs . Nadine Essam

Course lecturer

  • Mr. Hamada Gamal
  • Mr. Amr Elmoghraby

Course assistant

The course provides students with knowledge and skills to prepare feasibility study before starting a new project, developing a new product or service, establishing a new business or upgrading, and modifying existing business to decide if it is feasible within the estimated cost or not.

Course objectives

Describe business idea generation process Sycle. and Outline the components of pre-feasibility and feasibility study. Determine project alternative location and identify project’s competitors, and target markets. Determine the suitable marketing strategies and tactics for the project products and services.

Course description

  • Mid Term Exam 20% (20 Marks)
  • Interactive Learning 30% (30 Marks) (Quizzes – Presentation – Assignment – Mini-project, Assessment of Professional Skills)
  • Final Written Exam 50% (50 Marks)

Course assessment

Temba Munsaka, (2013), The Importance of Project Feasibility Study: With practical examples.

Recommended text books

1. Baker, K. (2000). Project Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis for Hospitality

2. Overton, R., (2007),Feasibility Studies Made Simple. Published July 2007 in e-book format operations. Hospitality Press. ISBN-10: 186250489X. ISBN-13: 978-1862504899.

Recommended refrences