THM 261 – Human Resource Management

  • Dr. Lamiaa Ibrahim

Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Amr Fouad

Course assistant :

– Determine the role of HRM in organizations and the major HRM activities – Explain ethics, professional and personal skills needed to succeed in HRM – Identify the challenges associated with HRM – Review the steps on HRM in strategic planning. – Describe how to determine Equal Employment Opportunities in recruitment decisions – Recognize the principles of developing HRM in leisure, tourism and tourism enterprises.

Course objectives :

The course aims to expose students to a wide range of contemporary perspectives on key developments in human resource management and organisational analysis providing access to a range of alternative views, thereby encouraging them to explore relevant HRM issues and what these mean for different groups of individuals and organisations at local and national level. Moreover, this course enables students to develop a critical approach to HRM theories, literature, issues and practice. As well as, this course provide students with understanding the process of human resource planning including job design and analysis; recruitment and selection; compensation; employee development; workplace health and safety; and employee relations.

Course description :

Interactive Learning weekly Community field project week 14 Mid –Term Exam week (8) Assessment of Professional Skills (Week 15) Final exam week (16) Mid Term Exam 20% (20 Marks) Class Activities (Quizzes, Assignments , role play, presentations, Assessment of Professional Skills) 30% (30 Marks) Final Written Exam 50% (50 Marks)

Course assessment :

1-Dias, L.P, (2011),\”Human Resource Management\”, first edition, Saylor Foundation. 2-Michael J. B and Turner, S.G, (2013),Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry, A guide to best practice, Ninth edition, Rout ledge.

Recommended text books :

1-Baum, T. (2006). Human resource management for tourism, hospitality and leisure: An international perspective. London : Thomson Learning. 2-Nickson, D. (2007),\”Human resource management for the hospitality and tourism industries\” Butterworth-Heinemann.

Recommended refrences :