ISL408 – Italian Second Foreign

Sig.Ahmed Zohdy

Course lecturer :

Mr.Adel Samir

Course assistant :

This course aims to provide students with the ability to master different registers in Italian language (formal and informal) and to communicate complex ideas in Italian in both spoken and written form.

Course objectives :

The ability to evaluate and give summarize to articles, online forums and magazines in Italian. The ability to read, Write, and speak Italian language confidently and in a professional manner.

Course description :

Final-term Exam 50% (50 Marks)
Mid-Term Exam 20%(20 Marks)
Practical Exam 10%(10 Marks)
interactive learning 20%(20Marks)

Course assessment :

La Chiave del Successo

Recommended text books :

La Lingua Italiana di Caterin Caterinov

Recommended refrences :