HM 434 – Safe Food Service Management

  • Dr. Ehab Fathy

Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Amr Fouad

Course assistant :

Identify the firefighting linked to Personal safety and how to avoid it. (A13). – Describe the criteria and temperature for safe food purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation and service – Describe the symptoms of food poisoning – Describe the use of materials, utensils and appliances safely for food items and danger zone – Understand the HACCP system and how they are implemented and pest control procedures – Define the personal hygiene practices in a food service establishment

Course objectives :

The student will be able to acquire steps to food safety and implement best practices in health and safety in food service operations .Students will also learn about the different types of food contamination that lead to a number of health problem and the measures taken to control them by safe food storage, safe cooking procedures and correct food temperature control to meet the highest standards in all aspects of food service operations. Students also will learn about the features that have to be considered when designing a kitchen, type of restaurant, and kitchen hazards which effect food safety and food hygiene codes and habits. Students will be able to recognize the different food safety management norms and standards of systems such as HACCP, Firefighting system, and First aid. Moreover Introduction to sanitation and public health as related to the food service industry, including potential hazards that may occur in the operation and production of food.

Course description :

  • Quizzes week (5) & (11)
  • Assignment presentation week (4) & week (10)
  • Mid –Term Written Exam week (8)
  • Project Presentations week (14)
  • Professional skills assessment week (15)
  • Tutorial participation Weekly
  • Final –Term Written Exam week (16)  Mid Term Exam and Quizzes 25% (25 marks)  Class Activities (Assignments , Presentation, Projects, Tutorial ) 25% (25 marks)  Final Written Exam 50% (50 marks)

Course assessment :

  1. ServSafe CourseBook (2012). (6th Edition). National Restaurant Association
  2. Salus, Culina (2018). Essential Food Safety Management.: Kitchen Safety Recording Sheets. Page a Day Dated Diary Paperback.

Recommended text books :

Jean Hertzman, Deborah Barrash, (2007) \”An assessment of food safety knowledge and practices of catering employees\”, British Food Journal, Vol. 109 Issue: 7, pp.562-576,

Recommended refrences :