GEN 104 – Geography of Tourism

  • Dr. Lamiaa Ibrahim

Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Amr El.Maghraby

Course assistant :

Define Tourism, Geography and the relation between both of them Discuss Basic concepts of world geography. Identify the geographical basics and concepts. . Explainthe methods and techniques of mapping and visualization of relief elements in tourism planning and in tourism offering. Describe the distribution of world climates and their significance for tourism. . Recognize Geography of World Tourism regions. . Discuss the natural resources of tourism in Egypt.

Course objectives :

The aim of studying geography of tourism is to gain an overview of the basics of geography in relation to travel and the tourism industry and develop the student\’s knowledge of the worlds\’ geographical resources for tourism industry. Students will be able to analyze the different geographical regions of the worldwide in a tourism perspective. By the end of this course students will identify the importance of GDS in tourism industry and will become familiar with the significance of tourism and its relations with geographical approaches.

Course description :

Quizzes week (4) & (10 ) Mid –Term Written Exam week (8) Assessment of Professional Skills week (15) Final exam week (16) Mid Term Exam 20% (20 Marks) Class Activities (Quizzes, Assignments , role play, presentations, Assessment of Professional Skills) 30% (30 Marks) Final Exam 50% (50 Marks)

Course assessment :

Brian B. M., (2012), Worldwide Destinations: The Geography of Travel and Tourism, Volume 1 6th Edition, Kindle Edition.

Recommended text books :

– Che, D. (2010), “Publishing tourism geography research”,Tourism Geographies,Vol.12, 324-8. – Gibson, C. (2010), “Geographies of tourism: (Un)ethical encounters:,Progress in Human Geography, Vol. 34, pp. 521-7.

Recommended refrences :