ENG 4T – English (4)

Course lecturer :

  • Mr. Mohamed Amin

Course assistant :

  • Mr. Amr Fouad

Course objectives :

– understand and use the specialized vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and abbreviations commonly used in the travel and tourism industry – Recognize and use the following verb forms the simple present,the present continuous. – outline the verb forms (the simple past, the perfect and the passive . – Recognize and use the following types of adjectives – outline the travel arrangements ( types of travel – rail, road, air /booking arrangements / arrival and departure / destinations, duration of journeys – Describe the facilities that different types of accommodation may offer – understand the different between the cultures

Course description :

The course aims at introducing students to key terms and expressions used in tourism. It also aims at developing the communication skills needed to work effectively in this international challenging sector. It focuses on core topics including travel agency, tour operation, transport, promotion and marketing, guiding and future development in the tourism industry

Course assessment :

1. Pre-class quiz Criteria (Week 6) 2. Class discussions Criteria (Weekly) 3. Assignments Criteria (Week 9,11) 4. Research Criteria (Week 4) 5. Class activities Criteria (Weekly) 6. Small group discussion Criteria (Weekly) 7. Midterm written exam (Week 8) 8. Presentation Criteria(Professional Skills) (Week 15) 9. Final written exam (Week 16)

Recommended text books :

• Pokthitiyuk, Yupin (2005). English for Tourism. Department of English, Thammasat University. • Boonnuch, Wirangrong (2008) English Communication for Tourism. Department of English, Thammasat University.

Recommended refrences :

EDI International House ,Siskin Parkway East ,Middlemarch ,Business Park Coventry CV3 4PE ,UK