MXIP-303 – Imaging Procedure 3

Dr Mohamed El Safwany, MD.

Course lecturer

  • Magdy Aly
  • Hanaan Zayed

Course assistant

This course will explain image qualities and procedures. This course enhances the knowledge of the biomedical imaging modalities, proper equipment selection and manipulation. The course discusses the basic principles of various radio-anatomical structures. Achieve high contrast image for proper evaluation of basic human anatomy and related pathology.

Course objectives

Image Identification, integrated into and taught concurrently with orientation to advanced imaging technology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Radiographic procedures. The course includes an extensive radiographic image identification of anatomy and pathology.

Course description

  • Interactive learning 7
  • Mid-Term 15
  • Assignment 3
  • Final exam (Practical) 25
  • Final exam (Written) 50

Course assessment

Clark’s positioning and techniques -David Sutton’s Radiology

Recommended text books