MXDS 402 – Directed Study 2

Dr Mohamed El Safwany, MD.

Course lecturer :

Ahmed El Dreiny Magdy Ali Mohamed Zakareya Atef Kamal Hanaan Zayed

Course assistant :

The course is designed to be compatible with every major at the College and may be taken by students whose main orientation is toward the Radiological sciences and medical imaging technology. Students may use directed Studies to satisfy the integration of knowledge requirement. It concentrates on the primary issues and modes of interpretation. This Directed Study is designed to be used for a variety of different studies including examples of experiential activities and research studies.

Course objectives :

An independent study planned to be a student-initiated experience to permit the students to pursue an area of interest in Radiological sciences with guidance of a faculty preceptor. The course focuses on the continuing development of an understanding of the research process through participation in an ongoing research project and course seminars

Course description :

Distribution of marks, , interactions in assignment, practical and theoretical exam.

  • Mid-Term 15
  • Assignment 3
  • Interactive Learning 7
  • Final exam (Practical) 25
  • Final exam (Written) 50
  • Total 100

Course assessment :

Clark’s positioning and techniques David Sutton’s Radiology

Recommended text books :