MLHE 202 - Hematology-2

  • Dr Maha Abubakr Feissal

Course lecturer :

  • Assistant lecturer / Nesrine Helaly
  • Assistant lecturer / Nahla Hefny
  • Demonstrator/ Nourhan ElZayat
  • Demonstrator/ Tasnim Mohamed
  • Demonstrator/ Yahia Hamdy

Course assistant :

After completion of the course the student will be able to

  • – know and understand blood groups and their tests
  • – know and understand the principles of heamostasis .
  • – Understand the laboratory tests of haemostasis.
  • – Recognize the haemopoietic malignancies and different techniques used for diagnosis of these malignancies.

Course objectives :

This hematology course describes in brief basics of coagulation, homeostasis and some platelet abnormalities in addition to introduction to hematological malignancies and their classification into acute and chronic and different methods of diagnosis .

Course description :

Assessment Form Mid-term exam 15 marks at weeks ( 8,9) Assignments 3 marks at (weeks 5,6,7) Interactive learning & Quizzes 7 marks Quiz at week (5) Practical exam 25 marks at week ( 14) Final written exam 50 marks at week (15)

Course assessment :

A.V Hoffbrand, P. A. H. Moss. Hoffbrand’s Essential Haematology.7th ed.2015

Recommended text books :

John P. Greer, Daniel A, Bertil G, Alan F, Robert T and George M. Wintrobe’s Clinical Hematology.13 Ed.2014.

Recommended refrences :