MLGS 401 – Guided Study

Dr: Mohamed Salah El Din

Dr Hewaida Fadel

Dr Hadeer El Kady

Dr. Hesham Kamel

Dr. Ahmed Salah

Dr. Sahar Fekry

Dr. Hadeel Saed

Dr. Nagwa Saed

Dr. Maha Abo Bakr

Dr. Hassan El Banna

Dr. Rania Assem

Dr. Basma Hassan

Dr. Nancy Hagras

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

The guided Study course is an independent study planned to be a student-initiated experience to pursue an area of interest in clinical laboratory science with guidance of a faculty preceptor. The course focuses on the continuing development of an understanding of the research process through participation in an ongoing research project and course seminars.The course allows independent learning in a structured format with the guidance and feedback of a mentor. Identify types of articles and their compositions. a2-List the risk factors of cancer. a3- Identify the aim of scientific research in cancer chemistry. a4-Arrange ideas to construct scientific research beginning with idea of research, prepararing materials, laboratories experiments, collect data, writing and presentation of research. a5- Recognize the mechanism of carcinogenesis. a6-List some carcinogenic agents. a7-Identify the metabolism of xenobiotics a8-Recognize the relationship between xenobiotics and cancer. a9-Identify the molecular basics of cancer.

Course objectives :

Part I: Research about one of the following topics -Cancer – Hematology -Clinical Chemistry -Microbiology -Parasitology -Analytical Chemistry Part II: According to the students interest, they will choose one disease and prepare a project about it.

Course description :

Theoretical exam (50 marks) Research or thesis (25 marks) Assignment (20 marks) Activities (5 marks)

Course assessment :

Ronald Hoffman MD, Edward J. Benz Jr. Hematology: Basic Principles and Practice 7th Edition Encyclopedia of Cancer. Schwab, Manfred.2nd edition 2009. Michael Bishop MS MT (ASCP) CLS (NCA), Edward Fody, 2017Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, Correlations

Recommended text books :

Uwe M. Martens | Apr 22, 2014, Small Molecules in Oncology (Recent Results in Cancer Research Book 201) Gerard J. Tortora , Berdell R. Funke , et al. Microbiology: An Introduction. 2015 Eric S. Loker and Bruce
V. Hofkin Parasitology: A Conceptual Approach Mar 2, 2015 KIM SENG CHAN and JEANNE TAN, 2016. Understanding Advanced Organic and Analytical Chemistry: The Learner\’s Approach (Revised Edition)

Recommended refrences :